Friday, August 22, 2008

Nokia 6220c (AKA 6220 Classic)

Firmware: 31-May-2008 RM-328 6220c-1

Physically this phone looks like a winner -- small form factor, good keyboard, nice screen.

Sadly, this Nokia suffers from the same new Access Point "Category" problem that the 5320 suffers from, namely that the Access Point categories appear to be uselessly named and add an extra level of confusion. You'll see:

"Vodafone live!
WAP services
"Vodafone live!"

You'd think that for e.g. an email application, choosing "Internet" instead of "WAP services" would do the right thing, but alas it doesn't.

Even though the first category is called "Internet" and there is a second category called "WAP Services", both categories are actually set to use the "Vodafone live!" APN and so only work for port 80.

You can see this and fix it so "Internet" uses "Vodafone Internet GPRS" by changing relative priorities under Phone settings/Connection/Destinations/Internet -- select the second one "Vodafone Internet GPRS" and Options/Organize/Change priority).

Note: It might be a bit unfair of me to blame solely Nokia for this -- it could be that Vodafone UK's device provisioning service isn't yet properly setup to handle these new Nokia's yet. Perhaps it's as simple as Vodafone tweaking their provisioning settings so that the "Internet" category gets assigned the "Vodafone Internet GPRS" access point.

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