Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dell Studio 17 Problems -- Losing my patience -- I paid for in home support

Dear Mr. Singh,

I submitted this problem report 10/08/2008 (3 days ago). I've followed your instructions. I tried cancelling out of the memory tests (which are STILL proceeding "Memory March LA Test, memory test activity CPU0@address00_26c00000 CPU1@adress idle 000") but I can't -- the ESC key doesn't appear to do anything. This is no surprise as the fault I reported is that the keyboard isn't working.

As I mentioned, I tried hooking up an external USB keyboard and mouse and they work fine -- the problem is clearly a keyboard hardware problem.

I feel like you have been bungling this service call (See email to "Mr. Davison" below) and causing delays to what should be a simple identification of the problem and arranging of a technician visit.

I do not want to be without the computer for another 5-7 days. When I bought this computer (a month ago) I paid for:

"754-10020 4Yr In-Home Warranty Support, including evenings and Saturdays"

(please see attached order)

From the Dell web site, "In-HomeWarranty Support" means:

"However, with In-Home Warranty Support you can extend your cover for up to four years including the cost of repairs and replacement parts. In the event of a problem that cannot be resolved by phone-based troubleshooting, we can send a Dell-certified technician to your home at a convenient time to directly resolve hardware-related issues."

Please send a Dell-certified technician over immediately to fix this laptop per your contractual obligations or I will be forced to return it for a full refund.

Michael Maguire

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