Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dell Studio 17 Problems -- Test STILL running

The tests I was instructed to run are STILL in progress after 4 days. Currently in the "Memory March LR" test. Unable to cancel out of the test (as later instructed) using the ESC key (likely because of the keyboard fault).

I didn't want to wait for someone at Dell to arrange to call me as instructed in the last email from Mr. Singh.

I decided to turn off the computer and call into tech support.

I speak with Arun N who walks me through the process of removing the keyboard, cleaning all contacts and re-seating the connections.

He also instructs me to download and install BIOS update A04 (was A02).

Computer restarts and appears to be working better.

Arun instructs me that he has taken over the case and will call back later in the day to verify that things are still working.

He seemed very competent.

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