Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nokia N78

Firmware 08-05-2008 RM-235 but updated immediately using nifty new *#0000# menu to 25-06-2008 RM-235

I've only just started using this phone, so can't comment yet, except to say that while the phone is light and small, the screen is beautiful and large and already it looks like there have been many software improvements (nice to see over-the-air flash update finally working) in a typical Nokia fashion they've improved everything and then made some stupid blunder that ruins the whole effort.

In this case, it's the keyboard. It's unredeemably stupid, with really narrow "button bars" instead of actual keys. There's a stupid dedicated "Music" key just to the right of the 5-way directional button where usually you'd expect the 'C' delete key to be. Instead of having actual buttons for the hotkeys or the 'C' key, you press in on the front of the phone in certain positions for those -- it's like the worst of a touchscreen (no tactile positioning feedback) combined with the worst of dedicated keys.

Any yet-to-be-discovered software flaws aside, this phone sucks.

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