Sunday, June 08, 2008

Nokia E71

Firmware 100.07.76 08-06-2008 RM-346 Nokia E71-1 (01), unlocked from Nokia store

This phone came so close. I was really cheering for it. It's probably the best looking qwerty keypad phones I've ever seen. Even my wife, who is an Italian designer and thinks all the qwerty dedicated email devices out there look horrible, likes the look of this one.

Unfortunately, I've been extremely disappointed with the software. Yesterday this phone froze with a dialog popped up that said someone was calling. The phone didn't actually ring and I didn't get the call -- I had to take the battery out to fix it.

Any time I use any applications that use data, I keep seeing "Maximum number of connections in use. Close an active connection first." I see this all the time -- sometimes even if only using one application. My coverage indicator says I'm in a 3.5G zone. This seems like a total step backwards in terms of Symbian OS phones -- none of the others I've used have this problem.

Other people seem to be having the same "Maximum number of connections in use" problem.

Verisigned MIDlets run, but don't autostart and constantly ask to select access point.

This phone sucks.


Kjetil T. said...

I wonder if it's related to the phone company. I get these warnings in Nokia Maps all the time when using 3G from Ventelo (this is in Norway), but using WLAN it's fine. A friend of mine with the same phone and firmware version (100.07.76) has no problems with 3G from Telenor, though.
Other than that, I've had no issues with my phone and am very happy with it.

Anonymous said...

I have the exact same problem. Am with 3g Perth in Australia. Anyone found a fix to this problem yet? -lox

Michael Maguire said...

The network issue you mentioned might be relevant. When a colleague tried using this same phone on Orange UK, he isn't seeing the same problem I am (on Vodafone UK)