Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Firmware: 03.08.C04.01 11-Jun2008 RM-409 5320

This phone seems like a really great little small phone. It's nice to see Symbian Series60 power making it into a cheap, Series40 style handset. If this is the death bell for Series40, I welcome it.

However this phone has 2 flaws:

1. There is a red directional button with a black center. They appear to be 2 separate pieces. You'd think that pressing in on the black center is the select button (FIRE), and pressing on each side of the surrounding red directional button gives you UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. Unfortunately, however, Nokia designers chose to make the center black button also be directional. It's extremely to click in on the black center button and have the cursor go UP, then FIRE. Fatally annoying.

2. Nokia appear to have tried to "fix" the Access Point problem on newer Series60 phones.

On Vodafone UK you're presented with a "Select connection"
dialog with 2 choices:

"Vodafone live!
WAP services
"Vodafone live!"

You'd think that for e.g. an email application, choosing "Internet" instead of "WAP services" would do the right thing, but alas it doesn't.

Even though the first category is called "Internet" and there is a second category called "WAP Services", both categories are actually set to use the "Vodafone live!" APN and so only work for port 80.

You can see this and fix it so "Internet" uses "Vodafone Internet GPRS" by changing relative priorities under Phone settings/Connection/Destinations/Internet -- select the second one "Vodafone Internet GPRS" and Options/Organize/Change priority).

Sadly this new Access Point category problem appears to afflict the 6220 as well.

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