Saturday, December 04, 2010

Boycotting Amazon - possible to migrate existing JungleDisk account to RackSpace?

Dear JungleDisk,

I am opposed to how has closed down the accounts they were hosting for WikiLeaks ( ). Their publicly-stated reasons for their ban ( don't make sense -- US government documents are not copyrighted and WikiLeaks has been careful in how they have released documents, with redactions where appropriate to protect individuals. Whatever may be the legality of the leaker of the documents, journalist organizations such as WikiLeaks should be free to publish information they have been given which they deem to be in the public insterest.

Nevertheless, Amazon is free to do as they wish with their business, and I am free as a consumer to do what I would like with my money -- including boycotting Amazon ( ).

I like the JungleDisk service and I was sad that I was going to need to close it down. I was happy to learn that you also support storage in the RackSpace Cloud Files service.

Can you give me more information about what steps I will need to take to migrate my data in my JungleDisk account from Amazon S3 to RackSpace Cloud Files?


Michael Maguire

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