Friday, December 08, 2006

SonyEricsson M600i

Firmware CXC 162071 R3B01 CXC 162037 R4A002, vodafone branded

When this phone first came out I thought it looked so cool that I used my contract renewal upgrade karma against it.

I think the funky two-key per key qwerty keyboard works.

I've been disappointed with the software, however. This post-990i version of UIQ just feels really hard to navigate.

There appears to a bug with the browser which prevents over-the-air downloads from working. The download progress bar doesn't work unless you jiggle it with pause/resume. Sometimes I've seen files say 111% downloaded. Once the file is downloaded, if the sisx or jar file is small enough, it'll try to do the install (but e.g. GoogleMaps incorrectly downloads an unsigned sis file, which won't install on this Symbian 9.X phone). If I try a bigger sisx file (say over 800K, e.g. AgileMessenger), it'll say install file corrupted.

After long use, the touch screen pen no longer stays in its holder.

This phone sucks.

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